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Status: Closed
Status: Closed
After various 18 year old bottlings, Auchentoshan released a 18 year old matured in Ex-Bourbon casks.
Status: Closed
Small batch bottle nr 14/120
An odler very decorative Balblair
Original bottling - 15. Aug 1995 / 02. Feb 2011
Status: Closed
Single cask nr 9392 / bottle 29
Balvenie has been a family property of the Grants for five generations. The distillery is cultivating its own Barley and is using its own malting floors. The 21 year old Single Malt finishes its maturing in 30 years old Port Wine Casks.
Owl Distillery
Status: Closed
This 16 year Benriach got a 2.5 year finish in Premier Cru Superior Sauternes casks. The fruits got transferred into the whisky with a nice sweet touch. Limited to 1.650 bottles.
Original bottling - Single Cask / 05. May 2015
Status: Closed
this Benriach Authenicus 25 years old has a full body, was un-chillfiltered and has no colouring. Nose: Elegant, ripe pineapple, fresh mountain herbs, and a lot of sweet peat smoke. Taste: Strong peat smoke, fresh herbs, oregano, anis and chicorée ...
Original bottling - Single Cask - 06. Sep 1985 / 15. Jun 2015
Status: Closed
Status: Closed
This new 18 year old Bowmore replaces the 17 year old in the standard range. A very balanced premium Islay malt Scotch.