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Original bottling - The Un-Chillfiltered Collection
Status: Closed
The Aberfeldy distillery was founded in 1892 by the Dewar family. So even today most of the production is used for the Blend Dewar's. Due to its pleasant aroma, the Aberfeldy is also available as original bottling.
The Auchentoshan Hearwood reflects a perfect balance between strong whiskies of Oloroso sherry casks and nutty aromas from Bourbon cask maturation.
Matured in fine North American bourbon oak casks, Springwood is a nutty, citrusy and endlessly subtle single malt whisky. Nose: Citrus and vanilla Taste: Warming wit spicy waves of pink grapefruit Finish: Fresh and clear.
This is the new and strong Three Wood from Auchentoshan. After 10 years of maturing in ex-bourbon-casks and a post-maturing in Oloroso sherry casks for 2 years, this whisky will finish it's maturing in a sweet Pedro Ximenez sherry cask.
The most important novelty in the new Auchentoshan range. The 12-year-old replaces the old 10-year-old standard bottling. It's been matured in ex-bourbon and ex-sherry casks.
Status: Closed
After various 18 year old bottlings, Auchentoshan released a 18 year old matured in Ex-Bourbon casks.
Malt Master David Stewart filled American oak casks with special rum. When the casks fully gained the aroma of rum, he switched the content with the 14 year old Balvenie. Scottish Whisky meets Caribbean soulfulness. Rich and sweet, with a fruity...
Ben Nevis
A very nice gift package for the Ben Nevis bottled in a ceramic jug. The package shows the Ben Nevis hill. It is the biggest hill in all of Scotland.
Buffalo Trace
The Bourbon Blanton's is produced by the Buffalo Trace distillery and was inspired by Colonel Albert Blanton. The Colonel was a horse enthusiast. Therefore every bottle is decorated and delivered with one of eight different rider figures. The Blanton's...
Four Roses
A special edition of Bulleit Bourbon. Packaged here in a Lewis bag, it has developed a loyal following in the UK. The high rye content (around 30%) gives this bourbon a spicy kick.
This whisky lives from the volume and the dark sherry casks. If you think of a whisky big and dark, it comes closest to the idea. 75% Malt Whisky Share in this blend speak for themselves!
Status: Empty
It is the standard filling of Bushmills and is matured in two woods (Bourbon and Sherry casks).
Without relation
This canadian blend stand out due to spicy and soft notes. Nose: Creamy, soft and balanced. Complimented by fruity notes. Taste: Spicy with creamy vanilla, oak and honey. Finish: Long and dry with butterscotch flavours.
Status: Empty
This Single Malt is very popular in Spain. Its flavourful and aromatic qualities are making the Cardhu a good tip for Malts from the Speyside region. The Single Malt Whisky has a warmth and purity in its taste, that is often described as silky.