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18 long years of maturation and the addition of ex-sherry casks make this Glenlivet much more complex than the popular 12-year-old standard bottling. Despite its quality it's still much more affordable than a lot of other 18-year-old single malts.
This new creation of the Glenmorangie distillery was made from heavily roasted malt. After maturing in fresh white oak barrels from the Ozark Mountains, ripening took place in Oloroso sherry and other strong-drinking barrels.
This Malt was forgotten for a long time. Since the turn of the millennium, this Whisky is revived as the most northern on the Scottish Land. His aroma is fruity and dry, his taste oily and strong with a slight sea breeze.
Woodford Reserve
This whiskey is one of the few Kentucky Straight Bourbons, which are distilled in Pot Stills. Accordingly, his taste is rich in volume. Every bottle is assigned its own number.