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Status: Closed
Status: Closed
The stormy climate of the Atlantic Ocean has not only influenced the inhabitants of Islay, but also their whisky. The Ileach is a wild and smoky single malt. The distillery is unknown.
Status: Empty
This is the taste of Ireland. Jameson is the best-selling Irish Whiskey in the world. Like all other Jameson whiskeys, the standard bottling has been triple distilled.
Original bottling / 31. Aug 2011
Status: Closed
Tasting Notes Mild aromas of peat smoke, early morning at the rocky seaside and warm marmalade-on-toast all compete for our attention. A very fresh and clean whisky, beautifully distilled gives pleasure from the very first sip. In the mouth it...
Smokehead Sherry Bomb really earned its name. The maturation in fruity Oloroso Sherry casks and the peat smoke are combined to an exceptional taste character. Batch 2 and limited bottling.
Status: Closed
Smokehead Rum Rebel was finished in Caribbean Rum casks and was then bottled with strong 46% alcohol strength. The strong smoke in the Single Malt combines with the sweet-fruity aromas from the casks to an intense experience of taste. Limited bottling.