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A sweet Single Malt with just a hint of smoke and lots of Sherry. Comes in a metal tube.
This exceptional single malt is among the cheapest of all 21-year-old malt whiskeys. It contains more smoke than other Glenfarclas. But in comparison only a subtle touch. The sherry taste takes a back seat in favor of oak, vanilla and fruits.
With their 12-year-old standard bottling, Glenfiddich helped to establish the single malt whisky category worldwide. Today it is still the best-selling single malt whisky in the world.
For the maturation of this Whisky, Glenfiddich adopted the "Solera" procedure from Spanish Sherry production. Whiskies matured in different casks (Oloroso Sherry, Bourbon, virgin oak) are married in a unique Solera vat made from oregon pine.
This Glenfiddich first matured in sherry and bourbon barrels for 18 years. Master Distiller Brian Kinsman then selected 150 barrels. Divided into small batches, the malt matured for a further 3 months in wooden mixing vessels.
Original bottling - The Un-Chillfiltered Collection
Status: Empty
The Whiskies of Glengoyne are known for their fruity character. The carefully chosen casks gave this Whisky complexity and depth.
Original bottling - The Classic Malts of Scotland
Status: Closed
This is the lightest and softest bottling within the Classic Malts of Scotland. Originally the Glenkinchie was bottled as a 10-year-old. The two extra years have given him much more information.
This 12-year-old Speyside whisky is the best-selling single malt whisky in the US and the second best-selling single malt whisky worldwide. It's called "The Glenlivet" to distinguish it from other brands from the Glenlivet area.
Status: Closed
18 long years of maturation and the addition of ex-sherry casks make this Glenlivet much more complex than the popular 12-year-old standard bottling. Despite its quality it's still much more affordable than a lot of other 18-year-old single malts.
This new creation of the Glenmorangie distillery was made from heavily roasted malt. After maturing in fresh white oak barrels from the Ozark Mountains, ripening took place in Oloroso sherry and other strong-drinking barrels.
The Glenmorangie 10 years old is the most popular single malt whisky in Scotland itself. Only first-fill and second-fill ex-bourbon casks are used for this Highland malt.
Malt Master John Ramsay selects only casks that represent Glenrothes' distillery character best for this whisky. Each cask is individual, but they are still all comparably elegant, fine and balanced.
Heaven Hill
This Rye gained many fans in the last years. His aroma is spicy and sweet. The taste is staying light and fruity, with the typical Spiciness of Rye. The long finish is showing the savoury Rye.
Local spirit from the Black Forest, Germany