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Ardbeg TEN stands for a very intense, peated Whisky that you can enjoy regularly. Its taste is full and intense like the Isle of Islay itself. While tasting you always have this smoky note lingering over everything. A very nice non chill filtered whisky...
This Balvenie was matured in old sherry and bourbon casks. It makes this scotch interesting but also mild. The orange flavour and a deep sweetness make it a true gem among malt whiskies.
The Balvenie Golden Cask was matured in classical Oak casks before it gots its finish in exclusive rum casks. The Balvenie scores with the typical fruit aromas. They get enhanced by the sweet and strong aromas of the rum casks.
Balvenie's triple cask range consists of three whiskies: The 12 y.o., the 16 y.o. and the 25 y.o. All of the whisky is matured in three types of casks: first-fill bourbon, refill bourbon and sherry casks.
Ben Nevis
Status: Tasted
The Ben Nevis 10 years old is a very strong, spicy and aromatic whisky. It is well rounded with a faint peat smoke and some sweetness.
The Benriach whisky is so good because it was triple distilled. and finished in very special casks. The Horizons was finished in spanish Oloroso sherry casks. Nose: Roasted Almonds and nuts followed by butterscotch sweet honey and heather. Taste: Fresh...
This 12-year-old Benriach has been matured in Oloroso and Pedro Ximenez sherry casks. This combination opens a whole new perspective on the distillery.
The 12-year-old offers with his hefty 46.3% vol enough reserves for dilution with some still water. Bunnahabhain comes from Gaelic and means 'estuary', a direct reference to the Margadale River. The bottle is decorated with a sailor. Bunnahabhain was the...
Status: Tasted
This Single Malt is very popular in Spain. Its flavourful and aromatic qualities are making the Cardhu a good tip for Malts from the Speyside region. The Single Malt Whisky has a warmth and purity in its taste, that is often described as silky.
Status: Tasted
The 12-year-old is the standard bottling of Cragganmore. It is one of Diageo's Classic Malts of Scotland.
Status: Tasted
This bottling of Glendronach matured in a combination of the finest Spanish sherry casks (Pedro Ximenez / Oloroso).
For years the 15-year-old Revival had been one of the most popular bottlings from Glendronach, but it is now discontinued because the distillery had been mothballed from 1996 until 2002. Stocks are dwindling, and prices have already gone up.