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The Amrut has its founding day directly after the British empire has left India in 1948. Amrut has been a combination of Scottish and Indian barley.
The Ardbeg Corryvreckan is named after Europe's biggest vortex. It lies very close to the Hebrides and the Isle of Jura on the west coast of Scotland. It comes non chill filtered and with a high ABV. The Corryvreckan impersonates the untamed character...
This was the first bottling of the newly opened Ardbeg distillery under the new banner. It was bottled from 90% ex-bourbon casks and 10% ex-sherry casks. The Ardbeg Uigeadail is fruitier and smoother than the normal Ardbeg TEN.
The Ardbeg Auriverdes is the 2014 limited edition of Ardbeg. It was presented on Ardbeg day 2014 and was promoted with a football titled theme. The special thing about the Ardbeg Auriverdes is the cared lid. Ardbeg disassembled all the casks and gave the...
Ardbeg TEN stands for a very intense, peated Whisky that you can enjoy regularly. Its taste is full and intense like the Isle of Islay itself. While tasting you always have this smoky note lingering over everything. A very nice non chill filtered whisky...
Jim Beam
Baker's 107 belongs to the Small Batch Bourbons of Jim Beam. For this series, casks of high quality from the best warehouse places are chosen. This bottling was named after the grandnephew of Jim Beam, Baker Beam.
This single-barrel bottling from Balvenie emphasizes the influence of the barrel on the taste of a whisky. Oak barrels are natural products and each one is different. This gives each whisky a different taste. For this bottling, Balvenies Malt Master...
This is the youngest of the Triple cask range. This 12 y.o. Balvenie was matured in fist-fill Bourbon, refill Bourbon and sherry casks.
Status: Closed
Malt Master David Stewart filled American oak casks with special rum. When the casks fully gained the aroma of rum, he switched the content with the 14 year old Balvenie. Scottish Whisky meets Caribbean soulfulness. Rich and sweet, with a fruity...
Status: Closed
A Balvenie matured in Bourbon cask. It is very dry and strong. Its taste is fine, full and intense. The finish is long an unique. The missing sherry cask maturation results in a very different character to the usual Balvenie whiskies.
Balvenie's triple cask range consists of three whiskies: The 12 y.o., the 16 y.o. and the 25 y.o. All of the whisky is matured in three types of casks: first-fill bourbon, refill bourbon and sherry casks.
Balvenie has been a family property of the Grants for five generations. The distillery is cultivating its own Barley and is using its own malting floors. The 21 year old Single Malt finishes its maturing in 30 years old Port Wine Casks.
The devils cask comes with a very old tale about the devil visiting the Isle of Islay to hide. It wanted to hide in the church but couldn't find any corners to hid in. (The church is round). So the locals chased him to the Bowmore distillery where he...