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The Amrut has its founding day directly after the British empire has left India in 1948. Amrut has been a combination of Scottish and Indian barley.
This single malt whisky was matured in three different types of wood: American, Spanish and Japanese oak. The Vale of Yamazaki was the birthplace of Japanese whisky in 1923.
Original bottling - The Classic Malts of Scotland
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This Glendronach was first matured in ex-bourbon casks and then finished in Tawny Port casks from Portugal.
This is one of the three 12-year-old bottlings with a finish from Glenmorangie's standard range. It was extra-matured in Sauternes barrique casks.
Glenmorangie uses his barrels only twice. For the flagship in the range, The Original, the malt was ripened in First and Refill Bourbon casks. Original bottling is one of Scotland's best-selling single malts.
Lasanta means warmth and passion in Gaelic . After ten years maturing in American white oak casks, it is matured in Oloroso and PX sherry casks for two further years. Through this maturation process the Lasanta gets its round and balanced taste.
Glenmorangie has the tallest stills in Scotland. This whisky gets an especially soft taste. The Quinta Ruban, Gaelic for ruby, belongs to the Extra Matured Range of the distillery. The single malt matures for ten years in bourbon casks. Then it is...