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This single malt whisky got its name from the charring process. The casks were charred at grade 4, which is the highest grade, meaning they were charred inside for four minutes. After this procedure, the resulting charred inner wall of the casks looks...
The old version of the Auchentoshan Three Wood. The Ex-Bourbon and the two kind of sherry casks give the Scotch a very intense fruity aroma with a nice oak cask character. The European oak complements the whisky with a hint of spiciness.
This is a Ballantines blend with 12 years of age.
Original bottling - other
Status: Open
The cask strength version of the original bottled 10 year old Bladnoch. Nose: Intense, strong sherry, coffee, cacao, dark aromas with some vanilla Taste: European oak, spiciness, nuts raisings, a light bitterness from the oak Finish: Medium
Hunter Laing - Old Malt Cask
Status: Open
This Bruichladdich first matured in Bourbon casks and then was finished in French Grenache wine casks. Nose: Red fruit and grapes, apple, strong malt with vanilla Taste: Well defined Oak and malt followed by fruit and spices Finish: Medium and...
The sherry finished single malts from Bruichladdich go into the second round. With this whisky Jim McEwan presents the extrems of the sherry characters the Finio and the Pedro Ximénez. Nose: Notes of nut, caramel, nougat and raisins Taste: Sweetness of...
The malt maybe a bit cloudy because the Bruichladdich doesn't chill filter its finished Scotch whisky. Nose: A bit young, with herbs and flower, green apple, grapes and pear Taste: Caramel, citrus, and light peat smoke Finish: Changing a lot with...
Status: Open
This is the half bottle of the Bunnahabhain 12 year old 40% ABV. Nose: Fresh, malty, light Sea tang Taste: Malt, spicy, oak and light smoke Finish: Mild, spicy and medium long
Caol Ila
This Malt shimmers clear and whitegold. Tingly fresh aromas of sea salt transit to smoky turf of the island. Without a doubt an Island-Malt, even with the sweetness in the beginning. Pleasant, with a punch.
The 14-year-old Clynelish was the first original bottling of the distillery under the "Hidden Malt" working title. Contemporary bottlings of Clynelish are just as intense but less smoky.
The 12-year-old is the standard bottling of Cragganmore. It is one of Diageo's Classic Malts of Scotland.
Original bottling - The Classic Malts of Scotland
Status: Open
This bottling of Dalwhinnie is one of the most sold Classic Malts of Scotland. The aroma of the Single Malts shows nuances of heather and peat smoke. The subtle, fruity-sweet taste goes over to an elegant and long finish.