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Jim Beam
This Basil Hayden Straight Bourbon belongs to the Jim Beam's small Batch Bourbon. These are the high quality hand selected Bourbons from the Beam warehouses. The double amount of Rye makes the Bourbon very delicious and complex. The Finish is very sweet...
Status: Closed
Status: Closed
Buffalo Trace
The Single barrel is the standard bottling of the Blanton's distillery. The single barrel gives the whisky a very natural taste.
Status: Closed
The Buffalo Trace was named after the Buffalo roads that passed the distillery at the Kentucky river. All the Buffalo Whiskeys mature in fresh American oak casks for 8 to 12 years. This gives them a lot of intense vanilla and oak aromas.
Status: Closed
This exceptional Bourbon won many medals and awards. It is very impressive in its volume and entices with a long-lasting, oaky finish. In an exclusive, heavy glass bottle.
Four Roses
A special edition of Bulleit Bourbon. Packaged here in a Lewis bag, it has developed a loyal following in the UK. The high rye content (around 30%) gives this bourbon a spicy kick.
Heaven Hill
Status: Open
This Rye gained many fans in the last years. His aroma is spicy and sweet. The taste is staying light and fruity, with the typical Spiciness of Rye. The long finish is showing the savoury Rye.
Status: Closed
This famous Malt has an extremely smoky flavor with a hint of seaweed and other marine flavours. It is one of the most intense Islay malts. You hate it or you love it.
Maker's Mark
Status: Closed
Maker's Mark 46 is produced with a new maturation process. The number of the first test cask, which was used, is 46. The origin of the name. Master distiller Kevin Smith and casks producer Brad Boswell experimented together with cask maturation. The...
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