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A mellow and soft Single Malt Whisky from the Speyside. Its aroma is full, malty and spicy. The taste is determined by the Sherry barrel storage. The classic from the Aberlour distillery!
This is like the normal double cask of Aberlour but this bottling come with 40% ABV.
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The Ardmore distillery was founded in the year 1898 by Wm. Teacher & Sons. The bottling Legacy was additionally matured in classic Quarter Casks. Only Turf originating in the Highlands was used for the peating.
Ardmore not only burns light smoky Malt, but also unpeated Malt, which is called Ardlear. But the bottling Ardmore Port Wood Finish is 100% peated, therefore created with light smoky Malt with 12 ppm. Usually, the distillery follows with a post-maturing...
This whisky was matured exclusively in first-fill ex-bourbon casks made of American white oak. The whisky absorbs predominantly vanilla, caramel and coconut notes from the casks along with the oak spice.
Ben Nevis
This vatted malt was created to celebrate the 185th anniversary of the Ben Nevis distillery. They tried to recreate the most popular malt of 1880. Nose: A lot of peat smoke with citrus like oranges and lime as well as a bit of fish oil. Aroma: Dark...
The heavily peated Benriach Curiositas shows a thick cloud of smoke. After the smoke is gone you find some smoothness and sweetness that is being replaced by spices. The finish comes with a bit of peat smoke again and a slight bitterness.
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Bowmore No.1 is the successor of the Small Batch bottling. In contrast to the Small Batch, this Whisky only matured in first-fill Bourbon casks.
Bowmore is the oldest distillery on Islay. This is their flagship, the 12-year-old in the new cardboard box.
Three new editions of Bowmore bottlings were released for the Travel Retail in 2017. The 15 year old matured in fresh Bourbon casks and Hogsheads.
One of the most famous bottlings of the Bruichladdich distillery. The missing chill filtration can be recognized by tiny particles swimming around in the scotch. Unfortunately, this malt has been discontinued.
Caol Ila
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This Malt shimmers clear and whitegold. Tingly fresh aromas of sea salt transit to smoky turf of the island. Without a doubt an Island-Malt, even with the sweetness in the beginning. Pleasant, with a punch.
Connemara Original is one of the very few peated Irish Single Malt Whiskeys. No other Irish Whiskey combines strong peat smoke with sweet fruits and vanilla as harmonious as Connemara. With closed eyes, you would feel transported to the Scottish Islands.