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This Glenfiddich first matured in sherry and bourbon barrels for 18 years. Master Distiller Brian Kinsman then selected 150 barrels. Divided into small batches, the malt matured for a further 3 months in wooden mixing vessels.
The Glenlivet Founder's Reserve matured in American first-fill American casks for the biggest part and was dedicated to the early beginnings of the distillery. The Glenlivet was the first distillery in the Speyside that was officially licensed. It is...
Lasanta means warmth and passion in Gaelic . After ten years maturing in American white oak casks, it is matured in Oloroso and PX sherry casks for two further years. Through this maturation process the Lasanta gets its round and balanced taste.
Highland Park
The 12-year-old Highland Park is the most important cornerstone in the distillery's assortment. Matured in Sherry casks, it convinces with a sweet and spicy character.
Jim Beam
Baker's 107 belongs to the Small Batch Bourbons of Jim Beam. For this series, casks of high quality from the best warehouse places are chosen. This bottling was named after the grandnephew of Jim Beam, Baker Beam.
This Jura is half and half non-smoky and smoky Jura Malt. But it still is a Single Malt, since the whole Whisky is produced by Jura. With closed eyes, you will guess it's an Islay Malt.
Knockdhu - AnCnoc
The Rutter Spate is used to seperate the peat blocks from each other and make small blocks to burn them slowly in the kiln. The An Cnoc Rutter has 11 ppm. Nose: It begins with smoke. Warm with spices and pineapple. Taste: Full and strong with honey,...
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A very fresh and sweet AnCnoc single malt. You will find some sweet malty notes that convert themselves to vanilla. On the tongue you will find some acidity that follows in a medium-long clear finish.
The classic Lagavulin is kilned with a high smoke content in the malt. The stills are pear-shaped, so that all flavors can be passed on to the condensers during distillation. The Single Malt then matures in Bourbon and Sherry casks to completion.
In May 2013 Laphroaig gave its bottlings a new design. Since then, packages and labels were released in a new modern Look. This is the new edition of the PX, which is only distributed by Travel Retail since 2012. The PX is a special variation of a Triple...