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Glen Scotia
The character of this malts is sweetish and delicately smoky with a hefty onion. It softens with water and the sherry unfolds. There is some smoke in the taste. The finish is medium long. In metal tin!
The 15-year-old expression from Glenfarclas now comes with an increased alcohol content of 46% ABV. It was predominantly matured in Oloroso sherry casks.
This Glenfiddich first matured in sherry and bourbon barrels for 18 years. Master Distiller Brian Kinsman then selected 150 barrels. Divided into small batches, the malt matured for a further 3 months in wooden mixing vessels.
The Glenlivet Founder's Reserve matured in American first-fill American casks for the biggest part and was dedicated to the early beginnings of the distillery. The Glenlivet was the first distillery in the Speyside that was officially licensed. It is...
Lasanta means warmth and passion in Gaelic . After ten years maturing in American white oak casks, it is matured in Oloroso and PX sherry casks for two further years. Through this maturation process the Lasanta gets its round and balanced taste.
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Hazelburn is a triple distilled, non-peated Single Malt from the Springbank distillery. Once a year Springbank releases a limited bottling of the 'Sherry Wood' with changing casks composition. This bottling matured in Sherry casks for 14 years and is very...
Highland Park
The 12-year-old Highland Park is the most important cornerstone in the distillery's assortment. Matured in Sherry casks, it convinces with a sweet and spicy character.
This Jura is half and half non-smoky and smoky Jura Malt. But it still is a Single Malt, since the whole Whisky is produced by Jura. With closed eyes, you will guess it's an Islay Malt.
The classic Lagavulin is kilned with a high smoke content in the malt. The stills are pear-shaped, so that all flavors can be passed on to the condensers during distillation. The Single Malt then matures in Bourbon and Sherry casks to completion.