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The Aberfeldy distillery uses water from the Pitilie Burn river for its Single Malt. The Scottish water is also known for its gold resource. This 18 year old limited edition was bottled for the Travel Retail branch.
Knockdhu - AnCnoc
This was the first bottling of the newly opened Ardbeg distillery under the new banner. It was bottled from 90% ex-bourbon casks and 10% ex-sherry casks. The Ardbeg Uigeadail is fruitier and smoother than the normal Ardbeg TEN.
Ardmore not only burns light smoky Malt, but also unpeated Malt, which is called Ardlear. But the bottling Ardmore Port Wood Finish is 100% peated, therefore created with light smoky Malt with 12 ppm. Usually, the distillery follows with a post-maturing...
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The 15-year-old expression from Glenfarclas now comes with an increased alcohol content of 46% ABV. It was predominantly matured in Oloroso sherry casks.
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This 18-year-old expression from Glenfarclas was created for the travel value market. It's now a direct competitor for the 17-year-old Glenfarclas from the standard range. A complex Single Malt with lots of Sherry.
Glenmorangie has the tallest stills in Scotland. Therefore the Whiskies have an especially soft taste. The Quinta Ruban, Gaelic for ruby, belongs to the Extra Matured Range of the distillery. The Single Malt matures for ten years in Bourbon casks. Then it...
Jim Beam
Arguably the best-known bourbon whisky brand in the world. Thanks to Mila Kunis, we all know now that Jim Beam is matured twice as long as required by the American Bourbon Act, meaning it's at least 4 years old.
This is the oldest continuously available Vintage-Bottling of Knockando. Special casks from a limited stock are used for Master Reserve. The 21 year old Maturing leads to an exceptionally deep and smooth Single Malt.
One of THE iconic sherry malts. For years this has been the standard bottling of Macallan throughout the world. Now it has been discontinued in Europe, and prices are skyrocketing.
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A complex malt with oak, spices and salt. The malt is dried over peat fore for 6 hours, and over hot air for 24 hours. The whisky is a mix of double and triple-distilled whiskies.