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This Balvenie was matured in old sherry and bourbon casks. It makes this scotch interesting but also mild. The orange flavour and a deep sweetness make it a true gem among malt whiskies.
Balvenie's triple cask range consists of three whiskies: The 12 y.o., the 16 y.o. and the 25 y.o. All of the whisky is matured in three types of casks: first-fill bourbon, refill bourbon and sherry casks.
The small version of the Bruichladdich Laddie classic Edition 01. Ideal if you want to have a few drams of a cask.
Limited edition for the christmas season.
The Glenmorangie 10 years old is the most popular single malt whisky in Scotland itself. Only first-fill and second-fill ex-bourbon casks are used for this Highland malt.
The Sauternes barrels for ripening give this golden nectar delicious, sweet syrup flavors that combine wonderfully with the citrus flavor of the northern Highlands.
This single malt was ripened in port wine barrels. Spicy notes develop with some water. The finish is gentle, soft and long. The old Port Wood Finish was a favorite with connoisseurs.
Highland Park
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Status: Closed
Jack Daniel's
Miyagikyo (Nikka)
You're a malthead and would never even dream of touching a blend? Try Nikka from the Barrel, it might just change your mind.