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Bowmore is the oldest distillery on Islay. This is their flagship, the 12-year-old in the new cardboard box.
Status: Closed
The small bottle of the 14 years old Clynelish is perfect to test the single malt.
The 12-year-old is the standard bottling of Cragganmore. It is one of Diageo's Classic Malts of Scotland.
Limited edition boxed set designed by Alan Kitching, which includes The Glenlivet 12 (750ml), The Glenlivet 18 (50ml x 2), and a booklet.
The Glenmorangie Tùsail whisky is made from Maris Otter floor malted barley.
Jack Daniel's
Status: Closed
Inspired by the malt man's craft, Monkey Shoulder has been created using three of speyside's finest single malt whiskies, resulting in a rich blended malt of exceptional smoothness. Taste: Mellow vanilla with spicy hints Nose: Zesty orange, vanilla honey...
Status: Closed
The Talisker 10 years old is the main standard bottling from the Talisker distillery. It is a spicy, smoky, malty whisky from the Isle of Skye.
James Sedgwick Distillery