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Douglas Laing - Càrn Mòr Celebration Of The Cask
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This is the standard bottling of Chivas Regal. It's a balanced and smooth blended Scotch whisky..
Buffalo Trace
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The Bourbon Blanton's is produced by the Buffalo Trace distillery and was inspired by Colonel Albert Blanton. The Colonel was a horse enthusiast. Therefore every bottle is decorated and delivered with one of eight different rider figures. The Blanton's...
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The Buffalo Trace was named after the Buffalo roads that passed the distillery at the Kentucky river. All the Buffalo Whiskeys mature in fresh American oak casks for 8 to 12 years. This gives them a lot of intense vanilla and oak aromas.
Jim Beam
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The Bowmore Darkest is a vat of the darkest casks the Blenders can find in the warehouses of Bowmore. Most of the whisky experts look at the age of the whisky. The darkest is a very good example that a whisky with a normal age and a very prominent cask...
Four Roses
The 12-year-old offers with his hefty 46.3% vol enough reserves for dilution with some still water. Bunnahabhain comes from Gaelic and means 'estuary', a direct reference to the Margadale River. The bottle is decorated with a sailor. Bunnahabhain was the...
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It is the standard filling of Bushmills and is matured in two woods (Bourbon and Sherry casks).
This whiskey gets its byname because it contains whiskeys from ex-bourbon, ex-sherry and ex-port casks. It was awarded Gold at the 2010 San Francisco World Spirits Competition
This silky smooth Malt was produced with unpeated Malt. The Finishing in old Madeira-casks results in a complex aroma with grapes, honey, dark chocolate and rare spices. Limited edition!
Caol Ila
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This Malt shimmers clear and whitegold. Tingly fresh aromas of sea salt transit to smoky turf of the island. Without a doubt an Island-Malt, even with the sweetness in the beginning. Pleasant, with a punch.