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Inspired by the malt man's craft, Monkey Shoulder has been created using three of speyside's finest single malt whiskies, resulting in a rich blended malt of exceptional smoothness. Taste: Mellow vanilla with spicy hints Nose: Zesty orange, vanilla honey...
Miyagikyo (Nikka)
You're a malthead and would never even dream of touching a blend? Try Nikka from the Barrel, it might just change your mind.
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Oban is one of Diageo's Classic Malts of Scotland. Its location represents its character: It's a coastal malt that combines Highland and Island characteristics.
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This is the Liter bottle for the Travel Retail. The Talisker Dark Storm has been matured in heavily charred oak casks.
The Port Ruighe is a tribute to the Scottish traders of the 19th century, who brought port wine casks from Portugal. Port Ruighe is the largest town on the Isle of Skye.
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The new Talisker bottling has been matured partly in freshly aged oak barrels. Their aroma is particularly spicy. The Talisker Skye is to replace the well-known 10-year-old Single Malt in the retail trade.
The Talisker Storm is made from whiskies of different vintages. The distillery managed to keep its typical distillery character and also create an experience with strong and marine flavours. It bears no age statement but is stronger and more intense than...
Original bottling - Distillers Edition (Diageo)
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This bottling of the Talisker is part of the Distillers Edition of the Classic Malts of Scotland. In this series, the whiskeys are filled after the usual maturation for another six months in processing barrels in the Iberian Peninsula. The smoky, spicy...
The Talisker 10 years old is the main standard bottling from the Talisker distillery. It is a spicy, smoky, malty whisky from the Isle of Skye.
This is the new Talisker with a new case. The 18 year old is a lot more mature and smoother than the normal 10 year old. The 8 more years also result in more fruitiness and sweetness.