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Ardbeg TEN stands for a very intense, peated Whisky that you can enjoy regularly. Its taste is full and intense like the Isle of Islay itself. While tasting you always have this smoky note lingering over everything. A very nice non chill filtered whisky...
This is the standard bottling of the Benriach distillery. A whisky that you should have tried at least once in your life.
Bowmore is the oldest distillery on Islay. This is their flagship, the 12-year-old in the new cardboard box.
This Single Malt is something special. With the maturation in American Bourbon, as well as in Spanish Oloroso Sherry casks, an unbelievably complex and aromatic Malt was created, which stands out in comparison to others with its many various aromas.
First, this Dalmore matures in American white oak casks for 14 years. After that, he'll be filled into Methusalem Sherry casks for another 3 years. He receives the finishing touch in standing Sherry oaks in the last 12 months. The upper side of the...
Highland Park
This Jura is blended with half of non-smoky and half of smoky Jura Malt. But it still remains a Single Malt, because the entire whisky is produced by Jura. Based on taste alone, it's assumed to be an Islay Malt.
This bottling of Lagavulin is part of the Distillers Edition of the Classic Malts of Scotland. In this series, the Whiskies are filled into various casks from the Iberian peninsula to finish for another six months after the regular maturation. The strong,...
The age of 8 years recalls an important milestone in the history of distillery. Around 1880 the famous whisky journalist Alfred Barnard tasted an 8-year-old Lagavulin during his visit.
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The classic Lagavulin is kilned with a high smoke content in the malt. The stills are pear-shaped, so that all flavors can be passed on to the condensers during distillation. The Single Malt then matures in Bourbon and Sherry casks to completion.
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This famous Malt has an extremely smoky flavor with a hint of seaweed and other marine flavours. It is one of the most intense Islay malts. You hate it or you love it.