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The Single Malt a'bunadh (Gaelic: The Original) bears no age. It is not filtered cool and bottled in batches with their natural cask strength. Maturing takes place exclusively in Oloroso Sherry Butts.
Since the sellout in 1997 the Ardbeg distillery produces whisky again. The production capacity is constantly rising. This is now a 9 year old Malt and Ardbeg shows how intense they can make a whisky tasting experience.
This Ardbeg is the third and last release from the Ardbeg very young and still young series. The Almost there is said to be the best of the series. Like a typical Ardbeg it tastes of peat smoke and then it releases its sweetness with butterscotch and...
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Original bottling - 25. Jun 2004 / 23. May 2017
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Ballechin 12 yo for the The Whisky Exchange in 2017
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Status: Closed
This bottling was done to honor Norrie Campbell, the last traditional peat cutter of the Isle of Islay. It was created from three vintages, three warehouses and 3 different levels of peat smoke. This is also the first bottle the 80 ppm strong Octomore was...
One of the most famous bottlings from the Bruichladdich distillery returns in a new guise. Due to the lack of cooling filtration remain the smallest suspended particles in the malt, which are carriers of special flavor components. This filling tastes...