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Batch H17:01, Tasmanian single malt. “The First Release”. Our Limited Edition label is reserved for very special releases. This elegant whisky was matured in small French oak casks which previously held apera fortified wine (Australian-style sherry)....
Status: Closed
The blended malt Chivas 18 was matured in sherry casks. In the nose you will find a lot of toffee. The taste is rich with delicate smoke.
Status: Closed
Glen Moray
Status: Closed
Status: Closed
In order to change the taste of Glenfiddich uniquely, an own Craft Beer Indian Pale Ale was developed. For the IPA edition, the well-known Single Malt got a finish in the beer barrels of the Speyside Brewery.
Status: Closed
Together with 20 whisky experts, Malt Master Brian Kinsman created this unusual malt. For this, every expert chose his favorite among countless barrels. Subsequently, the various individual barrels were married to each other. No 2 of the Experimental...
This Glenfiddich belongs to the new series Age of Discovery. This honors the Portuguese researchers from the 15th century. This is the first bottling of this series, the Single Malt got its finish in fine Madeira barrels of the famous Madeira manufacturer...
The series Legends tells of the home of the distillery and was created exclusively for the travel retail sector. After The Duthac, The Tayne and The Tarlogon Cadboll is another bottling of this series. The name Cadboll is a silver wine goblet from the...