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The Aberfeldy distillery is known for their sweet and mild Whiskies. Besides the 12 and 21 year old Single Malts, a 16 year old was released and added to the standard range as well.
Status: Closed
The Aberfeldy distillery uses water from the Pitilie Burn river for its Single Malt. The Scottish water is also known for its gold resource. This 18 year old limited edition was bottled for the Travel Retail branch.
Status: Closed
For 21 long years this Single Malt Whisky matured deep in the Highlands and took in the aroma of sweet heather, wild flowers, exquisite wood and fine fruits, to become one with the soul of Scottish nature. The bottles are individually numbered.
Gordon & MacPhail - Connoisseurs Choice / 21. Jun 2018
Status: Closed
Already since the 60s, the Connoisseurs Choice Series of Gordon & MacPhail exists. In 2018 the range was completely rearranged. The Connoisseurs Choice Series now includes cask strength bottlings and some with special releases. Each Single Malt is created...
This is like the normal double cask of Aberlour but this bottling come with 40% ABV.
Like the Aberlour 12 years old this malt was matured in ex-bourbon casks and sherry casks. But due to the longer time of maturation this scotch is maturer and smoother.
Status: Closed
This single malt Scotch whisky is partially matured in ex-sherry casks. It is well-balanced and smooth. Its mild harmonic taste reminds the connoisseur a bit of a delicate liqueur.
Status: Closed
Amrut Fusion is named after the fact, that Scottish, as well as Indian barley, was used for the Whisky. Indian mythology tells stories about gods and demons, which mixed the oceans with mountains in prehistory. Suddenly a golden pot with the elixir of...
Knockdhu - AnCnoc
Status: Closed
The Ardbeg Corryvreckan is named after Europe's biggest vortex. It lies very close to the Hebrides and the Isle of Jura on the west coast of Scotland. It comes non chill filtered and with a high ABV. The Corryvreckan impersonates the untamed character...
This was the first bottling of the newly opened Ardbeg distillery under the new banner. It was bottled from 90% ex-bourbon casks and 10% ex-sherry casks. The Ardbeg Uigeadail is fruitier and smoother than the normal Ardbeg TEN.
Ardbeg TEN stands for a very intense, peated Whisky that you can enjoy regularly. Its taste is full and intense like the Isle of Islay itself. While tasting you always have this smoky note lingering over everything. A very nice non chill filtered whisky...
If you prefer smoky, intense Whisky then this is almost certainly the right bottle for you. An Ardbeg TEN is full intensive with many sea aromas and always with a cloud of peat smoke. This is the Ardbeg TEN in the Liter bottle for the travel value range....