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Connemara is one of the few peated Irish single malts. The taste reminds of the Scottish Islay malts but has its own, very fruity character.
Original bottling - The Classic Malts of Scotland
Status: Empty
This bottling from Dalwhinnie is one of the most sold classic Malts of Scotland. The aroma of this Single Highland Malts shows hints of heather and smoky turf. The mild, fruity-sweet flavour leads to an excellent long finish.
Do you know the most sold Whisky of Scotland? The famous Grouse was the inspiration for one of the most sold computer games in the world. If you want a good, mildly aromatic Blend, look no further.
Heaven Hill
Status: Closed
Four Roses
The Single Barrel of Four Roses matured in a single-storey Single-Story-Rack-Warehouses. With this storage, the Whisky is not exposed to negative variation in temperature. This guarantees a constant good quality.
George Dickel
Glen Garioch
Status: Closed
Glen Garioch is one of the oldest distilleries in Scotland (etd. 1797). Situated in the Eastern Highlands, in the valley of the Garioch in Old Meldrum between the Speyside and the east coast, Glen Garioch has been producing whiskies that please the...
Glen Grant
James Grant, "The Major", was only twenty five when he inherited the Glen Grant distillery in Rothes, Speyside. A forward thinking and unconventional man, "The Major" personally designed the innovative tall slender stills with unique purifiers to achieve...
Glen Moray