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Alberta distillery as a rye whisky production. Wery flavour - a lot of vanilla. Light rye at the finish.Light oak.
A mellow and soft single malt whisky from the Speyside. Its aroma is full, malty and spicy. The taste is determined by the sherry barrel storage. The classic from the Aberlour distillery!
Adelphi is a blended Scotch whisky.
Nose: Peat smoke and bit too much alcohol with notes of fruit Taste: Round and still peaty with salty licorice and lots of spices Finish: long and big with sweet pepper
Unpeated Indian Barley Product of India
Knockdhu - AnCnoc
This is the standard bottling of the 12 year old An Cnoc in the Liter bottle. An Cnoc is know for its fresh and lightly sweet whiskies.
This is a Ardbeg TEN in a very special casing. It comes in leather optic with a chain.
Ardbeg TEN stands for a very intense, peated Whisky that you can enjoy regularly. Its taste is full and intense like the Isle of Islay itself. While tasting you always have this smoky note lingering over everything. A very nice non chill filtered whisky...
This Arran is the first bottling that has not been bottled from barrels from the first year. It comes with exotic fruit, traces of cinnamon, dark chocolate and some oak in the background. The finish is smooth and oily. Non chill filtered and not coloured.
This is the miniature version of the Auchentoshan 12 y. o. The standard bottling of the Auchentoshan distillery. The triple distillation makes it very light and smooth.
This is the miniature version of the famous Balvenie double wood.