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Signatory Vintage - The Un-Chillfiltered Collection - 07. Sep 2011 / 16. Oct 2017
Status: Closed
The 12-year-old offers with his hefty 46.3% vol enough reserves for dilution with some still water. Bunnahabhain comes from Gaelic and means 'estuary', a direct reference to the Margadale River. The bottle is decorated with a sailor. Bunnahabhain was the...
Caol Ila
Status: Closed
A straight Caol Ila without frills. Crisp, assertive, direct and unmistakably. "Moch" means dawn.
This Single Malt is very popular in Spain. Its flavourful and aromatic qualities are making the Cardhu a good tip for Malts from the Speyside region. The Single Malt Whisky has a warmth and purity in its taste, that is often described as silky.
Status: Closed
The 14-year-old Clynelish was the first original bottling of the distillery under the "Hidden Malt" working title. Contemporary bottlings of Clynelish are just as intense but less smoky.
Status: Closed
The 12-year-old is the standard bottling of Cragganmore. It is one of Diageo's Classic Malts of Scotland.
Other bottler - Spirit & Cask Range
Status: Closed