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When billows break and haar ghosts in, then haste ye home or some bit warm, Unwind with toasted grain and apples, seaborne spice; calm from the storm. The Deveron single malt which hails from MacDuff distillery, located on the northern edge of...
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The best-selling single malt from Tobermory. This 10-year-old is non chill filtered and comes with natural colour and 46.3% ABV. It's an intense, malty Island single malt.
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Status: Closed
This single malt was extra-matured in Château de Chassagne Montrachet Red Burgundy casks (228 litres) for 12 months. This led to its wonderfully ruby-red colour
West Cork Distillers
Wild Turkey
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Wild Turkey 101 is especially spicy with its high Rye percentage and heavily cauterised white oak casks. The Whiskey matured for 6 to 8 years.
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The second standard filling of the young Wolfburn distillery was named after the northern lights "Aurora borealis". 80% fresh Bourbon and 20% Sherry casks are creating a multi-layered taste.
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Morven is the third always available bottling of the Wolfburn distillery. In contrast to Aurora and Northland, this Whisky is distilled from lightly peated malt.