Writers‘ Tears Double Oak now part of the portfolio of the Irish whiskey label

The blend of two whiskey styles was matured in American and French oak

Walsh Whiskey announced that a new release will complement the Writers’ Tears portfolio: The Writers' Tears Double Oak will join the core range alongside the Copper Pot Still and the Cask Strength.

Writers' Tears is a triple-distilled, non-chill filtered Irish whiskey blended from the two whiskey styles Single Malt and Irish Pot Still Whiskey. In the case of the Writers' Tears Double Oak, another combination is added, the one of whiskey from different cask maturations: whiskey from American oak casks is combined with whiskey matured in French oak casks.

French oak is part of the Irish whiskey history

In the 17th and 18th centuries, the use of French oak barrels was common in Ireland, Walsh Whiskey explains in a recent news. Because of the lack of French oak casks due to the wine blight in the 1860s, whiskey maturation in alternative wood – American oak – became common use. Bernhard Walsh, Founder and Managing Director of Walsh Whiskey, says, “We are driven by our quest to create the perfect ‘drop’ of Irish whiskey. Our fascination with what has gone before us provides an endless well of inspiration and that led us to work our way back to exploring what French oak first brought to Irish whiskey’s taste profile in the 1700s. I look forward to hearing what followers of Writers’ Tears think of our addition to the family.”

Writers' Tears Double Oak combines aromas of two woods

A Writers 'Tears release involving French oak was first presented in February of this year with the Writers' Tears Cognac Cask. The cognac casks had been purchased from the Legaret family. Impressed by the success of this limited bottling, Bernhard Walsh decided to continue his partnership with the Legarets and to blend the French oak whiskey with the American oak whiskey to Writers' Tears Double Oak. The American oak casks deliver sweet vanilla aromas, while the French oak casks offer more tannins, spice and fruit.

Producer's tasting notes for the Writers' Tears Double Oak

Nose: Dashes of sweet vanilla, notes of cinnamon, plum & poached pear.

Taste: Pressed grapes and citrus zest.

Finish: Chocolate undertones and lingering spice.


Image: Walsh Whiskey