World Whiskies Award: The best White Dog is from Germany

St. Kilian Distillery from Rüdenau was awarded „World’s Best White Dog“ at the famous London competition

Every year the whisky world waits for the results of the World Whiskies Awards, a spirits competition performed by the Whisky Magazine. In several categories medals and titels are awarded, for example the World’s Best Single Malt (Hakushu 25 y.o. this year) , the Best Single Grain (Bain’s) , Best Bourbon (1792 Full Proof) or the Best Blended Whisky (Johnnie Walker Gold Label). There also is a category this year for the World’s Best White Dog (some call it moonshiner): The White Dog of the young German distillery St. Kilian won this title.

White Dog – more than unmatured whisky

Most of the new spirit that leaves the stills of the 2015 opened St. Kilian Distillery at Rüdenau is determined for cask maturation and will be St. Kilian Single Malt Whisky in some years. But a small amount of the spirit, produced from German brewer’s malt is bottled as St. Kilian White Dog, either at 43% ABV or at cask strength. The St. Kilian Turf Dog is a peated version, made of Scottish malt, and was awarded a bronze medal at the World Whiskies Awards.

Watching the development of St. Kilian’s new spirit

To watch the development of this white dog (or new spirit) in a cask while maturing in a cask over the years, we started an experiment that can be followed online: We took a special cask with glass top and bottom und filled it at St. Kilian with new spirit. A camera installation now enables us to watch the development of the spirit in real time. And of course we take some samples from time to time for a tasting. You can watch our whisky-television here or have a look on the daily and weekly taken pictures.