Woodford Reserve Master’s Collection 2020: Introducing a new collector's item

Brown-Forman presents “Very Fine Rare Bourbon”


With the Woodford Reserve Master’s Collection Very Fine Rare Bourbon, Brown-Forman introduces this year's edition of its limited series. This is already the edition No. 16.

The basis for the releases of the Woodford Reserve Master’s Collection is the classic Woodford Reserve Bourbon, but special barrels are selected to be married for this series. Each of the editions is created on a special topic.

The previous edition No. 15 was focused on the selection of barrels made from Ozark oak (we reported). This time it's about a historical connection from the past of Woodford Reserve to its future.

Celebrating Master Distiller Chris Morris’ legacy

“The name Very Fine Rare Bourbon is a nod to the descriptors used by our ancestors to auction highly-aged Bourbon barrel lots,” said Master Distiller Chris Morris. “While Woodford Reserve will always honor the past, this Master’s Collection is about the present and future.”

Morris was named Master Distiller in 2003, and in that year the casks that were used to create the Woodford Reserve Master’s Collection Very Fine Rare Bourbon were filled.

“What a fitting tribute to use these oldest barrels of Woodford Reserve to celebrate Chris Morris’ legacy while also looking to the future,” said Assistant Master Distiller Elizabeth McCall. She obviously represents the future, as her name appears on a Woodford Reserve bottling for the first time since her appointment as Assistant Master Distiller in 2018.

Woodford Reserve also heralds the future with a new bottle shape, a modern version of the classic pot-still bottle shape.

Producer’s tasting notes for the Woodford Reserve Master’s Collection Very Fine Rare Bourbon

Color: Burnt Sienna

Aroma: Layers of rich oak sweet aromatic notes, caramel, brown sugar, chocolate, vanilla merge into a cured tobacco character brightened with apple fruit

Flavor: Very old oak notes sweetened with honey balanced by a touch of citrus and apple peel and a touch of clove spice

Finish: A long finish of raisin fruit and malty sweetness


Image: Brown-Forman