Woodford Reserve doubles capacity

Three new stills and further expansions are planned


It's doing well for Brown-Forman and their Woodford Reserve. Expansions to the distillery in Kentucky should enable it to meet the steadily increasing demand for bourbon whiskey. Work is scheduled to begin in spring this year, and it will be finished in summer 2022.

“Woodford Reserve is celebrating its 25th anniversary throughout 2021, and the expansion of the distillery allows us to look to the next 25 years,” Master Distiller Chris Morris said. “Woodford Reserve Distillery uses copper pot stills in a triple distillation process to handcraft bourbon, and today’s announcement builds on that legacy. ”

Woodford Reserve is not only one of the few Kentucky Straight Bourbons that are distilled on pot stills, the bottles also contain information about the batch and a bottle number. In addition to the installation of three new stills and further fermentation tanks, the construction of a building for the boiler system, new systems for grain unloading and barrel storage and a conference and training center are on the agenda. The production at Woodford Reserve will continue uninterrupted during the expansion work. As the Woodford Reserve Distillery is in a historic building, the plans have been submitted to the Kentucky Heritage Council for review and approval.

In times of Corona, it is hardly possible to get a personal impression of the distillery. Alternatively, there is the possibility of accompanying Ben Lüning on a screen tour and experiencing a tasting with master distiller Chris Morris. You can watch the video on the Woodford Reserve Distillery section here on Whisky.com.