Woodford Reserve Chocolate Malted Rye Bourbon

A bourbon with a special aromatic note

No, there ain't any chocolate in this Woodford Reserve from the Master's Collection series. It's still a bourbon, and Americans rules are pretty strict with the ingredients that are allowed.

The name "Chocolate Malted Rye Bourbon" refers to the particularly heavily malted rye that was used here for the bourbon recipe. Of course, the majority of the grain used for this bourbon is corn, but rye is also always involved in the flavor of a Woodford Reserve Bourbon. 70% of the Woodford Reserve Chocolate Malted Rye Bourbon is corn, 15% barley malt and 15% this special “chocolate rye”, as we learn in a press release from Brown-Forman.

To obtain this chocolate rye, the rye is malted more intensely than usual. This gives it a much darker color and strong caramel and roasted aromas. We are already familiar with this dark malting process regarding single malts and blends: The most well-known examples for whiskies that use such malt are the Glenmorangie Signet or the Johnnie Walker Blenders' Batch Espresso Roast.

“Woodford Reserve Bourbon has a complex and balanced flavor profile that includes a hint of chocolate,” according to Assistant Master Distiller Elizabeth McCall. “Chocolate Malted Rye takes those cocoa notes to a new level. Everything we do at Woodford Reserve goes back to our core belief that flavor is everything.” The new, limited Woodford Reserve, which is part of the Master’s Collection series, was bottled at 45.2% ABV.