Why do we enjoy whisky?

Horst Lünings view on central whisky questions

How is whisky made? What’s the best whisky to begin with? How should it be tasted? Is collecting whisky a good way to invest money? Horst Lüning tries to answer questions like those and writes about the basics of whisky in the information section of whisky.com titled “knowledge”. But besides of whisky production, storage, collection, science and history there are also some very personal articles where Horst Lüning gives his view on special whisky themes. One of his newest articles is titled “Why do we enjoy whisky?”.

Do the reasons for puring a dram of whisky in a glass and enjoying really vary from one whisky friend to the other? Do they change depending on age, mood, sex or social background? Maybe you have already dealed with those questions and maybe you have found an answer for yourself. This is what Horst Lüning did and he wrote his thoughts down to share them with you. You can find his personal answer to the question “Why do we enjoy whisky?” here on this site.

Other questions Horst Lüning picked up turn around the Brexit, for example “What does the Brexit mean to the whisky industry?” and if whisky will get cheaper or even more expensive as a result of Britain leaving the EU. If you like topics like those take a look around on our site and stay tuned for coming articles.