Whisky distillery planned in Edinburgh

Will the Scottish capital will soon be a place of whisky production again?

Holyrood Park Distillery is the name of a new project that currently enjoys attention not only in Edinburgh but as well in the whisky scene. And the name lets suspect in what part of Edinburgh the new distillery will be placed: at Holyrood Park at the food of famous Arthur’s seat, this majestic local mountain of Edinburgh. In St. Leonhard’s Lane the old railroad building The Engine Shed can be found and none other than the former Master Distiller of Macallan, David Robertson, selected it as the place for his distillery in spe.

Holyrood Park will be first whisky distillery in Edinburgh since 1920

After intensive contact to the local neighborhoods and business to discuss the plans for the Holyrood Park Distillery an application to develop now officially has been submitted to the council. According to David Robertson the start of the whisky production will already be in 2017. This would be the first opening of a whisky distillery since Glen Sciennes was closed in 1920. Hand crafted production is planned. 53.000 litres of alcohol will be produced annually by a small crew of about 25 people. More detailed information about the equipment hasn’t been published yet.

Whisky production and whisky knowledge

The historical backdrop of the Engine Shed building is excellently suitable for the new small distillery says David Robertson. In addition to the production rooms place will be created for an education facility to pass on knowledge about whisky distilling as well as information about the history of the site. Engine Shed b.t.w. already had been home to a school until beginning of last year: For 25 years young people with learning disabilities had been skilled and trained here to find a job before it was closed for financial reasons.