Walsh Whiskey sold including Writer's Tears and The Irishman

Amber Beverage Group is acquiring the Irish company with immediate effect


The takeover of Walsh Whiskey with their brands Writer's Tears and The Irishman is an important step for the globally operating Amber Beverage Group: The company is already known through spirits brands such as Moskovskaya Vodka or KAH Tequila, but is now entering the whiskey sector for the first time.

Walsh Whiskey was founded in 1999 by Bernard and Rosemary Walsh, who have successfully positioned their whiskey brands The Irishman and Writer's Tears in more than 50 countries. They have been involved in the current Irish whiskey revival from the start. In mid-2016 they opened their own whiskey distillery for Writer's Tears in Royal Oak in County Carlow with the Italian partner Illva Saronno. When they separated from Saronno in early 2019, they concentrated again on their two whiskey brands, the distillery was passed to Saronno.

The purchase price for the Walsh Whiskey company is unknown. Amber Beverage announced that the acquisition on November 11, 2021 would not result in any changes in management or the workforce. All jobs will be retained and Bernard Walsh will act as Managing Director of Walsh Whiskey in the future.

He says: “I will continue to oversee all aspects of the business and in particular the development and production of our whiskeys, ensuring continuity of the same flavour profiles and high standards that have been the foundation of our success. Our talented team is excited by the greater opportunities that come from being part of Amber Beverage Group. I also take this opportunity to acknowledge the role that our dedicated team has played in helping make Walsh Whiskey the success it is today.”

Image: Walsh Whiskey