Update: The stills arrived at Lagg Distillery

Construction of the new distillery on Arran is on schedule

Construction work is going on in the South of Arran. Wie reported in June that all was on schedule: The warehouses had been built and the opening of the distillery would probably take place in early 2018. Now signals came from Isle of Arran Distillers that the positive trend remains and that the most important equipment has arrived: The stills are there and their last meters to the Lagg Distillery can be watched in a short video here on youtube.

The wash still can hold 10.000 liters, the spirit still 7.000 liters. They will produce heavily peated whisky, the malt will have a phenolic content of 50 ppm. As soon as the new Lagg Distillery will be opened it will take over the production of the peaty range of Arran called Machrie Moor. The Arran Distillery in Lochranza will further on only use unpeated malt.

The stills were manufactured in Rothes by Forsythes. They will produce 20.000 liters of alcohol in the first year according to plan. Work will take place from Monday to Friday in two shiftes – no night shifts and no work on weekends! About 60-65% of construction work has been finished according to the video clip that gives you some little insights into the construction area, walking around with Graham Omand, Lagg Distillery Manager, and shows the magic view over the sea with the Isle of Ailsa Craig.

Pictures: Isle of Arran Distillers