Two new Edradours, one new Ballechin, bottled for Germany

For these two cuvees and a single cask bottling an Oloroso sherry butt, wine and bourbon barrels and a Hampden Rum cask were used

Three new whiskies from the Edradour Distillery were just released, bottled exclusively for the German distributer Kirsch Whisky: A 9-year-old Edradour cuvée of an Oloroso Sherry and a Sauternes cask, a 10-year-old Edradour Rum cask finish (single cask bottling) and an 11-year-old Ballechin cuvée from two different wine casks. All three whiskies were bottled at natural alcoholic strength and uncolored.

Edradour Oloroso Sherry & Sauternes Cask Matured

9 years, distilled in 2009, bottled April 18, 2019
Cask numbers 81 + 171, 1021 bottles
55.9 % ABV

The whisky was batched from a First Fill Oloroso Sherry Butt and a First Fill Sauternes Hogshead.

Tasting notes of the producer:
Bright gold in colour. The whisky reveals notes of toffee, sugar almonds, lemon sherbert and saddle leather. Oily and waxy on the pallet. Appels and popping candy feature in the rich finish.

Edradour Hampden Rum Cask Finish

10 years, distilled on April 23, 2008, bottled on November 12, 2018
Barrel number 902, 259 bottles
57.0 % ABV

The whisky was matured for 9 years in First Fill Bourbon barrels, before being filled in a freshly dumped Hampden Rum barrel on March 21, 2017 for a 19-month finish (Hampden Rum is known for its particularly high ester concentration and resulting high fruitiness).

Tasting Notes of the producer:
Straw gold in colour. The whisky reveals notes of vanilla, coconut, caramelized apples and white peppercorns. The warming finish is slightly dry with a touch of smoke.

Ballechin Bordeaux & Sauternes Cask Cuvée

11 years, distilled in 2007, bottled on January 30, 2019
Cask numbers 183 + 216, 518 bottles
58.0 % ABV

For its Ballechin, the Edradour Distillery uses heavily peated malt with at least 50 ppm. This new edition was batched from a First Fill Bordeaux Red Wine Hogshead and a First Fill Sauternes White Wine Hogshead.

Notes of the producer:
There are two significant levels of harmony. The first is the way the different wine influences have combines and the second is the way the wine characters stand up to robustness of the peat. Almonds, red berry fruits and paprika combine in force such that the peat is released gently onto the scene. The fruity finish is beautifully balanced with the peat gently lingering on the palate.


Images: Kirsch Spirituosen e.K.