Two more distilleries on Kentucky Bourbon Trail Craft Tour

Kentucky Peerless Distilling Co. and Hartfield & Co. Distillery joined the tour

In 2012 the Craft Tour was established to supplement the Kentucky Bourbon Trail. In contrast to the common trail with its big distilleries with this tour the small handcraft distilleries are connected. Recently this Craft Tour has been extended up to 10 by adding two more distilleries. The list of members up to then was

  • New Riff in Newport
  • Barrel House in Lexington
  • Corsair, Bowling Green
  • Limestone Branch, Lebanon
  • MB Roland, Pembroke
  • Old Pogue, Maysville
  • Wilderness Trail, Danville
  • Willet, Bardstown

Two more distilleries in the Craft Tour

The first new member is the Kentucky Peerless Distilling Co. that now after 98 years of silence started production again. This is due Corky Taylor, great grandson of the distillery’s founder that begun distilling in 1889. Taylor changed the original place of the old distillery and now produces bourbon, rye and moonshine.
Second new distillery in the circle of Kentucky craft distilleries that want to show their handcraft skills on visitor tours is “The Gentleman Distillery” of Hartfield & Co. This one is by the way the first distillery here in Bourbon County that started licensed distilling since 1919.

Almost 725.00 visitors on both Kentucky Whiskey Trails

During the last year the Kentucky Bourbon Trail Craft Tour could report a distinctively growing stream of visitors: figures increased by 56% to 100.000 visitors. Adding the number of visitors of the nine big distilleries of the Kentucky Bourbon Trail

  • Stitzel-Weller Distillery with Bulleit Frontier Whiskey Experience in Louisville
  • Evan Williams Bourbon Experience in Louisville
  • Four Roses in Lawrenceburg
  • Wild Turkey in Lawrenceburg
  • Heaven Hill in Bardstown
  • Jim Beam in Clermont
  • Maker’s Mark in Loretto
  • Town Branch in Lexington
  • Woodford Reserve in Versailles

All in all 725.000 visitors started a trip into the world of whiskey production in 2014. Upward tendency.