Tullamore Dew saw sales records in 2016

New marketing concepts successful

Last year Tullamore Dew saw sales figures of 1.04 million cases of whiskey. One case, being a standard sales unit, is defined as 9 litres so that we here speak about more than 9 million litres. Compared to the year before this means an increase in sales figures of 7.2%. An essential key market for Tullamore Dew is the USA. It shows tremendous increasing sales. Also in the Czech Republic and in Germany the Label is very successful and keeps on growing. As markets with a high potential for the future Alison Hunter, Global Marketing Manager of Tullamore Dew, sees Russia, Poland and South Africa. Tullamore Dew is part of the portfolio of William Grant&Sons.

Hunter underlines the team’s big delightment about the great success after the relaunching in 2011 and the new packagings. And not least the new distillery, opened in in 2014 (we reported about the opening here), will help Tullamore Dew grow further and make the label even bigger. This distillery offers the opportunity to show Tullamore Dew’s quality and authenticity as a grain-to-glass-distillery. The first products of the new Tullamore distillery will have matured for three years end of this year – more Tullamore whiskey in the warehouses!

Regards: The Spirits Business