Torabhaig Distillery on the Isle of Skye: First whisky will be released in February 2021

The Torabhaig Legacy Series 2017 will be available worldwide


Alongside Talisker, there is a second active whisky distillery on the Isle of Skye that will launch the first whisky in February 2021: The Torabhaig Distillery, which belongs to the Mossburn Distillers company, has announced their first single malt, made from heavily peated barley.

“By opening the second ever licensed single malt Scotch whisky distillery on the Isle of Skye we have from the start been mindful of the legacy we are leaving, it was never enough to make ‘just another whisky’. We have created a characterful whisky with real depth and complexity, and an elegance and refinement which belies the extremely high phenol levels in the barley. It is a distinctive take on peat, and it is the first expression of our distillery’s signature style, a flavour profile we call Well-Tempered Peat, which we hope will help define the future of Torabhaig.’ said Neil Mathieson, CEO of Mossburn Distillers.

A building with a history

The Torabhaig Distillery in the south of the Isle of Skye has been producing since January 2017. For the distillery, abandoned farm buildings, which were once built using stones from the nearby Camus Castle ruins, were extensively restored. They want to be an authentic representation of the environment, shaped by the wild landscape and the climate of the Isle of Skye, explains Mathieson.

“We first found the site as an abandoned but ruggedly handsome farm- steading, which just so happened to be the perfect location for a distillery. In testament to Hebridean pragmatism, the original buildings had been built using stone from the nearby ruins of Castle Camus. We saw it as our duty to preserve this history and bring the building back to life, to create something more than just a distillery. Over four years we painstakingly restored the derelict buildings, uncovering ever more history in the process, including the remains of an old mill wheel which we have refitted, and which is now powered by the cooling water from our stills. We are proud to have created our brand home with a true sense of place, now fully operational and ready to release our first Single Malt. Our tenacity and attention to detail is now to be 100% dedicated to making whisky.”

A young team for a new course

A young, local team of 9 distillers works in the Torabhaig Distillery. They were trained and mentored by experienced industry veterans, so that the knowledge of the traditional art of whisky production was passed on. But Torabhaig wants “to change the course of whisky making on the island by bringing our own distinctive character”.

The Torabhaig Legacy 2017 will be launched in February 2021 and be distributed worldwide. This peated vintage release will be bottled at 46% vol. 3,600 bottles have been announced for the German market, but the total number of available bottles worldwide hasn’t been revealed. The press release only mentions "strictly limited".

Images: Mossburn Distillers