Tomatin launches Water and Metal as part of its Five Virtues Series

The Five Virtues is complete now

Tomatin launches two more expressions and completes the Five Virtues Series: “Water” and “Metal” are available. Each of the Single Malts is limited to 6.000 bottles and was inspired by the five elements of nature. Already released for a while und sold out in many shops is Tomatin Five Virtues Wood (matured in French, American and Hungarian casks), Fire (matured in heavily charred casks) and Earth (peated malt matured in Bourbon casks).

  • Tomatin Five Virtues Metal underlines the importance of the twelve copper pot stills that produce the new make filled into first fill Bourbon barrels for this.
  • Tomatin Five Virtues Water is dedicated to Alt-na-Frith, the river that ensures the water supply of Tomatin Distillery. Water was distilled in winter to keep the copper contact very short. It was matured in 50 % Sherry casks and 50 % second fill Bourbon casks.

The releases of this special series (all without an age statement and bottled with 46% ABV) are presented in special bottles and packages. They were designed by Eva Ulrich, who abstractly illustrates the five virtues.