Tomatin is auctioning a cask and rare bottlings for charity

The auctioned Tomatin Single Malts are up to 50 years old


Get your hands on your own cask of Tomatin Whisky - for a lucky bidder, this dream will soon come true. Admittedly, it is not a cask of Tomatin whisky that is currently being auctioned, but an ex-bourbon barrel that the winner of an auction can hand fill with new make at Tomatin Distillery. After he will roll it into the warehouse himself, all he must do then is wait a few years to get his own cask Tomatin Whisky.

The auction will run until November 16, 2020. Tomatin fans can find the link to the auctioneer The Grand Whisky Auction here on the Tomatin homepage.

The proceeds of the auction will be donated for charity. Tomatin supports the charity organization Maggie’s Highlands, a cancer network in the Highlands and on the islands. Tomatin intends to raise at least a £ 10,000 donation with this auction. Regarding the fact that not only the mentioned cask will be auctioned, but also a range of special and old Tomatin bottlings as well as a very special Tomatin tour, this aim does not seem unrealistic.

A very special Tomatin tour with the Master Distiller

“It feels special to open up the Tomatin archives for such a great cause. This has been an extremely difficult time for the charity sector, and we hope to raise some much-needed funds to support Maggie’s in continuing the specialist support they provide. The auction will also offer the public, and investors, a remarkable opportunity to purchase some priceless products and experiences,” Master Distiller Graham Eunson says, who offers a very special tour with him at the auction. The highest bidder will not only visit areas of the distillery that otherwise remain hidden from the public but will also enjoy a lunch and a special whisky tasting with him.

Several rare and old Tomatin Single Malts Whiskies auctioned

If you don't want to wait until your own Tomatin whisky has matured, you can also buy several rare Tomatin Single Malt whisky editions at the auction. Here is the list that will make the hearts of every Tomatin fan beat faster:

Tomatin 1970 Cask # 12267
A single cask whisky that is no longer available in normal shops. It was bottled in August 2007 at 51.2% ABV and only sold by Tomatin in its own online shop and in the distillery.

Tomatin 1980 Cask # 994
An ex-Bourbon barrel from which 172 bottles were filled in August 2008.

Tomatin 1981 Cask # 001
A vintage bottling, matured exclusively in the Oloroso Sherry Butt and bottled in May 2014 at 42.3% ABV; limited to 405 bottles.

Tomatin 36 Year Old Batch # 1
Batched from two barrels, a refill Hogshead and an Oloroso Sherry Butt; this whisky, distilled in 1977 and bottled in March 2015, was named Best Scotch by the SFSC in 2017. Limited to 800 bottles.

Tomatin 30 Year Old (2007)
This bottling, limited to 1,500 bottles, was the first 30-year-old whisky that Tomatin ever released. It was finished in Oloroso Sherry Butts and bottled at 49.3% ABV.

Tomatin 40 Year Old (2007)
The whisky, distilled in May 1967 and bottled in October 2007, was matured exclusively in traditional hogsheads. Limited to 1,614 bottles.

Tomatin 30 Year Old Centenary Decanter
On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the distillery, this whisky, limited to a total of 1,000 bottles, was released. This bottling is one of 200 90cl editions specially released for employees and attendees of the centenary luncheon.

Tomatin 50 Year Old 5cl
This 50-year-old Tomatin is one of the miniatures that was sold in 2018 to accompany the 70 bottles of the oldest whisky Tomatin ever released. It was distilled in 1967, matured in first fill Oloroso Sherry casks and bottled at 45.3% ABV.

Tomatin Five Virtues Full Set
In 2017 the Five Virtues series was launched, offering 6,000 bottles of each edition. The artist Eva Ullrich designed the collection, which is dedicated to the themes wood, fire, earth, metal and water. 


Image: Tomatin Distillery