This year’s bottling of Springbank 21 year old was released

The batch of 2019 was married from port and rum casks

The new Springbank 21 year old, which is released every year as a small batch edition, has been on the market since yesterday. It is limited to only 3,600 bottles worldwide.

What remains the same every year, is the alcohol strength of 46% ABV, what varies is the selection of casks for the Springbank 21. In 2017 for example, bourbon, sherry, port and rum casks were batched, in 2018 70% rum casks and 30% first fill bourbon casks. The Springbank 21 / 2019 was married from 55% rum casks and 45% port casks.

Producer's tasting notes

Nose: A delightful fruitiness bursts through; watermelon, strawberry laces, brambles and blueberries followed by crushed vanilla pods and glazed cherries.

Taste: Chocolate covered oranges and Caramel shortcake! Deliciously full bodied, with tropical fruit squash, gingerbread and dried mango.

Finish: A captivating Campbeltown Malt; sea salt, oily and fruity. Lemon sherbet, whipped cream, apple peel and salted pretzels complete this beautiful dram!

Image: Springbank Distillers