The Walking Dead Bourbon Whiskey: Not only for Zombies

Spirits of the Apocalypse based on the famous comic and TV series


The Walking Dead Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey was released in the United States already last fall and has meanwhile made its way to the European markets. Fans of the iconic comic and TV series The Walking Dead will immediately recognize the logo and the name of the whiskey.

The Walking Dead: comic book and TV series

The Walking Dead Bourbon was created as a collaboration between the spirits company Diageo and Skybound Entertainment, a company in the entertainment industry. Skybound is the company behind the successful scenario of a worldwide zombie apocalypse, which was told from October 2003 to July 2019 in the comic series "The Walking Dead". In October 2010 a TV series started based on these comics.

So now both business giants have come together for the "Spirits of the Apocalypse" project. Releasing the Game of Thrones single malt series Diageo already proofed that such a collaboration can be extremely successful. The plot of The Walking Dead mostly is to a large extent situated in US, so the decision to combinate it with a bourbon is completely understandable.

A bourbon without age and distillery statement

The question if The Walking Dead fans are necessarily Bourbon fans as well will probably never be answered, same with the question whether this whiskey is bought for drinking or collecting – but given the popularity of The Walking Dead and the large crowd of followers of the multi-award-winning series, there is no doubt about a big sales success.

The fans of the series will be enthusiastic about the graphic design of the bottle that bears the logo of the series, whiskey fans are probably more interested in the content: what is behind this bourbon? Unfortunately, Diageo does not reveal that. In the official press release, which came out in September 2019, the distillery from which the whiskey comes is not mentioned as much as its age. The name Kentucky Straight Bourbon indicates at least the country of origin Kentucky and a minimum age of two years.

Aromas of caramel and orchards

From the press release we learn about the aroma of the whiskey: “This well-balanced bourbon features notes of rye and the essence of vanilla. With a soft caramel nose and aroma of orchard fruit, at 94 proof (47% ABV), The Walking Dead Whiskey is smooth, spicy and finishes with a light nuttiness, lingering sweetness and pleasant warmth. It's best enjoyed neat, on the rocks or in a number of delicious cocktails, including Maggie's "Lemonade" (bourbon, lemonade and peach tea garnished with mint and grilled peaches) and the Old Man Rick (bourbon, bitters and simple syrup served on the rocks with a lemon and orange twist).”

The first edition of a series

In addition to this first limited edition The Walking Dead Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, there will be more under the label of Spirits of the Apocalypse. The press release did not reveal whether the next editions will also be whiskey and when they are expected to be released.

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