The Spirit of St. Kilian Batch No. 6 new in our shop

French Sauternes white wine casks are used for the smokiest new make from St. Kilian to date

"Bourbon meets Sauternes" – this is the slogan of the German distillery from Rüdenau for its new Spirit of St. Kilian Batch No. 6. A spirit with character, is how Master Distiller Mario Rudolf is quoted. The name already indicates the cask types used for maturation: American oak ex-Bourbon barrels and Sauternes white wine casks from neighbouring France.

Three different oak cask types

Batch No. 6 is the second bottling of the German distillery with peaty character. The basis is its fruity, smoky new make "Turf Dog" with a phenol content of 54 ppm. New, however, is the first use of "Turf Beast" – a spirit made from heavily peated Highland malt (92 ppm). The two new make spirits, distilled in Scottish pot stills, matured in three classic ex-Bourbon barrels (195 litres) from Kentucky and in one 55-litre quarter cask of a Texan craft distillery to enhance the desired vanilla and honey notes. To give the whole a fruity-sweet aroma component, French Sauternes white wine casks were chosen for finishing.

Smoky notes and spicy-sweet vanilla

After at least 21 months of maturation in three different oak casks, the result is a smoky, spicy yet complex spirit with delicate notes of roasted nuts and sweet vanilla. A total of 5,200 bottles with a volume of 0.35 litres and 44.9% abv were filled for batch no. 6.