The slightly different Christmas tree of the Isle of Raasay Distillery

Sparkling fairy lights decorate casks instead of fir branches

In these days we can see decorated Christmas trees illuminating gardens and squares everywhere. The Isle of Raasay Distillery also greets passers-by and travelers approaching the island by ferry with twinkling lights. However, the "tree" they decorate is made of very special wood: about 50 sherry and bourbon casks were piled up by the distillery crew to form this very special Christmas tree.

The casks were fixed using old staves: The wind, which often blows here at the coast of the small island, should not destroy the Christmas tree. A broken sherry cask was used to form the star at the top of the “tree”.

The team of the Raasay Distillery wanted to set a special sign to celebrate the first full year of production and as there is no community Christmas tree here on the island of Raasay this special Christmas tree seemed to be a perfect compromise. There are already very concrete plans for 2020: One of the first bottles of Raasay whiskey will replace the star at the top of the barrel tree then.

By the way: This is not the first Christmas tree built by a distillery from casks: In its online edition the Forbes magazine reported that Jack Daniels built a similar tree of 140 barrels in 2011.

Photos: Isle of Raasay Distillery

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