The Sexton and The Walking Dead: Cooperation announced at the start of the final season

An Irish single malt whiskey will accompany the television series about the zombie apocalypse


Fans of the series The Walking Dead are waiting impatiently for the start of the 11th and final season. The starting shot will be given in the US on August 22, 2021, in many countries on the following day in pay TV (e.g. in Germany on Disney + and ProSieben FUN). Now The Sexton and AMC Networks have announced that the Irish whiskey brand will be the official whiskey for this final season.

The Sexton is an Irish single malt whiskey distributed by Proximo Spirits (if you somehow know this name, you may have read our news yesterday about the opening of the new Great Jones Distillery in Manhattan). The triple distilled single malt whiskey, which is produced in an undisclosed distillery, is matured in ex-Oloroso sherry casks.

As part of the collaboration with AMC Networks, The Sexton launches a special The Walking Dead cocktail set, which will be available through the distribution partner Cocktail Courier. In addition to a bottle of The Sexton Single Malt Whiskey, it contains accessories and recipes for preparing cocktails and various bonus material for The Walking Dead. For the begin of next year the release of a special edition of The Sexton is planned.

"A season-long partnership like this gives us so many meaningful opportunities to interact with and excite fans of The Walking Dead," said Kim Granito, Executive Vice President of The Content Room for AMC Networks. "The Sexton Single Malt is a brand that is perfectly aligned with the spirit and escapism of this series, and we're excited to collaborate across all 24 of these final episodes in a variety of ways that delight this highly engaged and vibrant fan community."

Last Year, the Bourbon The Walking Dead - Spirits of the Apocalypse was presented by Diageo and Skybound Entertainment. So it’s your choice now to enjoy Irish Single Malt Whiskey The Sexton or Kentucky Straight Bourbon Spirits of the Apocalyptse while watching The Walking Dead.

Image: The Sexton