The Pogues Single Malt Whiskey released

A new whiskey from West Cork Distillery to honor the Pogues


The West Cork Distillers present The Pogues Single Malt Whiskey as their second tribute to the cult band that has been thrilling not only Ireland for over 30 years.

Punk Rock and traditional Irish instruments - this mix works as The Pogues impressively demonstrated when they started their career in the eighties. It was the birth of the Irish Folk Punk, which was copied and performed by many other bands.

The break-up of the band in 1996 was followed by a reunion in 2001 and many tours and concerts in the following years. Poetic, romantic lyrics, often with a political undertone and with melodies beyond the melodic mainstream characterize the Irish punk rebels and sometimes they sing about whiskey.

First a blended whiskey, now a single malt

A cooperation of the Pogues with the Irish West Cork Distillers led to the creation of a special The Pogues whiskey in 2015: The Pogues Blended Whiskey was released, consisting of 50% Grain Whiskey and 50% Single Malt.

This blended whiskey is now followed by The Pogues Single Malt Whiskey: triple distilled, matured in Bourbon barrels and bottled at 40 ABV, it presents aromas of nuts and chocolate, lightly floral and roasty notes, malt and spiciness.