The Octomore 12 series was presented

The very heavily peated single malt from Islay shows up as a trio


Three five-year-old single malts, three times peat smoke in perfection: The new series of the Octomore Single Malt Whisky brings youthfulness and ppm strength in balance. It is already the 12th edition of the very heavily peated whisky from Bruichladdich and this time they present three different versions of the Octomore. All three limited editions are bottled at cask strength, all in a natural colour and without chill filtration.

Octomore 12.1

Made from 100% Scottish barley of the Concerto variety, which was harvested in 2014. The malt had 130.8 ppm to offer. It was distilled in 2015 and then matured on Islay completely in first fill American whiskey casks for five years before it was bottled at 59.9% ABV. RRP € 139.99

Notes for Octomore 12.1

Character: Lively and powerful - time by time the 12.1 offers many layers of complex flavors, one result of the slow distillation, maturation and selection of perfect barrels. Another wonderful dram that will keep the Octomore cult alive.

Aroma: Refreshing citrus zest, paired with earthy peat smoke, vanilla cake and sweet malt sugar. Followed by coconut chocolate, more vanilla and caramel until the whole ensemble ends in a scent that reminds of ash and billows of peat smoke and honey.

Taste: Peppery-sweet with a syrupy texture. The taste makes you think of honey, peat smoke, burning wood chips and apricot jam. The next sip opens up aromas of malt sugar, straw, heather and sweet nougat. On the palate: remain mineral-maritime notes, dry-earthy peat smoke as well as a hint of orange zest and pear candy.

Finish: The long-lasting finale is characterised by notes of salty caramel as well as floral or herbaceous nuances (dog rose and cowslip) and ends up in an elegant cloud of intense peat smoke.

Colour: light gold

Octomore 12.2

This edition also was produced from Scottish Concerto barley from the 2014 harvest, distilled in 2015 from malt with 129.7 ppm. Like Edition 12.1, 12.2 was matured on Islay for 5 years, but initially in a combination of first and second-fill American whiskey casks in equal proportions, before a finish in French first-fill Sauternes followed after its vatting in 2019. It was bottled at strong 57.3% ABV. RRP € 159.99

Notes for the Octomore 12.2

Character: The Sauternes casks give it a very lively atmosphere An Octomore of a new, exciting dimension. Fruits soaked of honey meet dry peat smoke - a perfect match of opposites.

Aroma: melon, honey and smoked almonds - a wonderful note that over time leads to toasted oak and earthy-dry smoke. The scent is reminiscent of orange zest, peach and juicy lemon. The malty sweetness underlines notes of dried apples and pear candies. In the end a phenolic-ethereal interplay of pine resin and peat smoke.

Taste: Seductively soft and fruity sweet with lemon, vanilla, juicy melon and orange blossom. The second sip brings the structure shaped by the French sweet wine barrels to the fore. Caramel, cake spices, syrup-soaked fruits and a certain drought that bridges the gap of smoke and malty sweetness.

Finish: Salty citrus notes and a little smoke that gradually increases in volume and at the end dominates the whole palate. Here, too, the real DNA of a classic Octomore shows up.

Colour: amber

Octomore 12.3

The third one is from 100% Concerto barley from the Octomore Farm on the Island of Islay, harvested in 2014, distilled in 2015 after malting at 118.1 ppm. 75% of the new make went into first-fill American whiskey barrels, the other 25% in first-fill PX sherry casks from Bodega Fernando de Castilla, in which it was matured for the entire 5 year period. Bottled at 62.1% ABV, RRP € 189.99.

Notes for the Octomore 12.3

Character: The PX casks provide wonderfully sweet and intense dried fruit aromas and form a very exciting contrast to the dry peat smoke and the typical maritime Octomore notes.

Aroma: A wonderfully complex scent of cherries, figs and raisins with a little charcoal, shoe polish and a light smoke. Filigree citrus and honey notes as well as floral nuances that reminiscent of dog rose and orange blossom. Then something dark toffee, milk chocolate and the vanilla of the wooden barrel. The conclusion is a combination of smoked grains, seaweed, linseed oil and tobacco.

Taste: An exciting interplay of peppery nasturtiums, dark chocolate, earthy peat smoke and typical Sherry fruit notes, with the latter clearly dominating. After some time the malt sugar and the burned out barrels make their way and underline the intense toffee and tobacco flavours. The last thing is sweet pastries and a dark, earthy peat smoke.

Finish: charcoal, soot and dried figs with salted lemons and fine dark chocolate. Colour: light, polished copper.

Image: Bruichladdich Distillery