The Octave Range from Duncan Taylor: Three new releases presented

Single cask releases from North British, Aultmore and Bunnahabhain with a special finish

For several years already the independent bottler Duncan Taylor has got The Octave whiskies in its portfolio. Those releases are finished in a special way: After being matured in “normal” casks the single malt or single grain whisky spend some months in very small casks of 50 litres volume named “Octaves” to round out aromatically. The contact surface between whisky and wood is much bigger at those small casks relative to their volume than it is at classic Sherry butts, hoghsheads or American standard barrels. So maturation of whisky takes part quicker but the angels’ share is bigger as well.

Three new The Octave bottlings were released recently: a single grain from North British, a single malt from Aultmore and a peated Bunnahabhein single malt whisky. But there is only a limited number of bottles from these Exclusive to Germany editions.

North British Sherry Octave 9Y-2007/2017
Single Grain Scotch Whisky, 53,4% ABV
9 years matured in casks no. 5911796
6 months matured in an octave
41 bottles

Aultmore Sherry Octave 8Y-2008/2017
Single Malt Scotch Whisky, 52,8% ABV
8 years matured in casks no. 9513833
3 months matured in an octave
54 bottles

Bunnahabhain Peated Octave 5Y-2011/2017
Single Malt Scotch Whisky, 52,8% ABV
5 years matured in casks no. 3813344
4 months matured in an octave
102 bottles

Opinions of whiskyfans are devided regarding these finishing in octaves. Some think this practice is only done to give those casks a required aromatic kick that have been matured only slightly and unsatisfactorily. Some welcome this Duncan Taylor range to enjoy whiskies that got a quite unusual and untypical distillery profile because of the octave finish. For others this is exactly what they regard as a disadvantage. Finally it’s like always: It’s up to your own taste and preferences. And the only possibility to find out whether you like it or not is to taste it.