The new Penderyn Icons of Wales is a peated portwood finish

The sixth release of the series honors the whisky history of Wales

Each release of the Penderyn series Icons of Wales pays homage to a major event or personage in Welsh history. For example, the first one is dedicated to the "Red Flag", which was hoisted by the protesting working class during the Merthyr Riots in 1831. "Bryn Terfel", the fifth and so far last edition celebrates a Welsh opera singer. For today's St. David's Day, the sixth bottling of the Icons of Wales has been announced: Penderyn Royal Welsh Whisky, a smoky whisky with a portwood finish, is dedicated to the 100-year Welsh whisky history

In memory of the Frongoch Royal Welsh Whisky

Already in the 19th century whisky was produced in Wales. The last significant distillery was located in Frongoch, founded in 1889 by the Welsh Whisky Distillery Company. In 1900, it was sold and liquidated in 1910, today there are only some ruins left on the former distillery grounds, which in between temporarily hosted German and Irish soldiers. Remaining are a few bottles of Frongoch Royal Welsh Whisky. This whisky, which is said to have been a smoky 5-year-old malt was a role model for the new Penderyn Royal Welsh Whisky, released by today’s Welsh Whisky Company. Shape and design of the bottle also is inspired by the historic model.

Frongoch Distillery

Tasting notes Penderyn Royal Welsh Whisky

Nose: A delicate smoky peat with vanilla, light red berries and salted caramel

Taste: The earlier hints of smoke become more prevalent. Sweet smoky toffee/treacle notes, a trace of cracked black pepper, malted barley and the soft sweetness of fudge

Finish: The smokiness slowly departs like morning mist, leaving a lingering delicate vanilla and wood spice final note

Photos: Penderyn Distillery